Together we can make them listen, Will you Help?

Opioid Chronic PAIN PATIENTS are Suffering! We need you, HELP, UNITE & FIGHT! Here’s what you can do to help without any $$$.

The struggle is real and so painful, you’ve been there before and remember it well. It was a deep, dark, and at times a very lonely fight. Opioid Chronic Pain Patients nationwide ALL have something in common right now (or are about to), we’re suffering in pain again BUT this time it’s much different. Many patients never had a thought or worry of what’s to come, and why would they? WHY would any patient in the USA ever have to give a thought about their doctor or pain provider that they’ve been seeing for so many years suddenly just say “NO MORE PAIN MEDICATION” for you, I am no longer prescribing opiates? You may have tried to intervene and explain with a reply similar to this... “I’ll only be prescribing opioids when necessary for cancer patients.” Is the American Government flippin’ crazy?? It takes years for a chronic pain patient to balance things out and actually start managing their pain, heck these providers helped with that long journey! There’s no sorry’s and many patients are leaving the office with little or no medications left. They will be crying inside trying to prepare for the cruel and heinous cold turkey withdrawals they are about to face. What could be worse? Well, for chronic pain patients, unfortunately that will be easier than going back to the constant NON STOP pain they faced in the past. Many patients will be disabled or facing debilitating conditions. It is really hard to accept that they can do this to us, it would be a little easier to accept if it weren’t for that part!

WE NEED EACH OTHER, WE NEED TO UNITE and FIGHT together. As individuals they may laugh, but they certainly won’t when we join together as one! WILL YOU COMMIT to the cause? Chronic Pain sufferers are hurting so badly, and need those who are strong bodied to fight along with us! Push our wheelchairs, link our arms and hands and meet others at that pretty white house if the need arises! We are committed to fight along with you, please if you are able to do ANY of the following... We want to hear from you! We’ve built a website/ brand and Facebook page for you and other pain sufferers so we can UNITE together (all non-profit), we can’t go it alone... We will fight the government, medical community, CDC, DEA, and whomever else if deemed necessary. Together we will provide awareness and find the means to do so...

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  • Could you volunteer to help in any way? Maybe you could research for new articles, make calls to provide awareness to the older generation suffering (I feel so terrible for them, they have no idea that this is happening to all of us. they probably feel so lonely and defeated right now.)  or could reach out online to others?
  • Are you the organizer type or have information you could share about any of these things below... or are you in the medical field with any knowledge on this? We need coverage on all of the following
      • SOCIAL MEDIA (maybe you have a large presence or would be willing to prepare or post information)
      • LAW ENFORCEMENT (since they’re also involved w/ this “Epidemic”
      • GOVERNMENT... maybe uncle Jimbob is a representative and you could put a bug in his ear.

Do you have any knowledge of other groups trying to organize for this same cause? We and all your fellow pain suffers would be extremely grateful. Any information that you feel might be of assistance please email to us, nothing is too small or silly! Links to great reading would be appreciated too! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, contact us anytime.


Together we will fight for Quality of Life, we need you too.

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