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Our Mission

Our mission is to repeal the Laws, Guidelines, and Agencies that are trying to take opioid prescription medication from legitimate patients. Patients that require opioid medication to live a somewhat normal life and have quality of life are being rejected by medical providers,specialists, pharmacies, and insurance companies. This is inhumane and cruel to the individuals and their families. These guidelines or laws are also taking people that are productive members of society and returning them to a debilitating state. We are trying to provide public awareness, petition the CDC guidelines, and the manner in which healthcare providers are treating their patients. We will push and aim to bring quality of life back to the people that have lost it due to these decisions.

Our Story

My wife has had two back surgeries. The first back surgery was in 1995 at the age of 22. At the age of only 22 years old the doctors couldn't believe that she would need a back surgery. It was only after her mother insisted that the doctors do something, that the doctors sent her for a MRI and found she had herniated discs in her lower back. She then had her first back surgery a week or so later.

In 1999 my wife gave birth to our daughter. Our daughter was the greatest gift ever. Not long after her birth my wife had her second back surgery in 2001. This surgery was much worse, they had to install rods and screws to hold her vertebrae together. Also she now has a drop foot. After this surgery the doctors said my wife should have tubal ligation (tubes tied). They said if she would become pregnant again she would more than likely be wheelchair bound.

It was in early 2002 after many injections, physical therapy, and many medications that pain management prescribed her the fentanyl transdermal patch. When Dr. Flaccavento prescribed this to her he said "when you go on this kind of medicine it will be a life long commitment". It took my wife a full year to become accustomed to this medicine. Even longer to walk with her drop foot without falling. It was worth it, she was not in constant pain anymore.

Now in February of 2017. Dr. Mehta Pooja of Wellspan will no longer prescribe the fentanyl patch for her. She has been on this medicine for over 15 years. The new approach of Wellspan, as with many health care providers, is that they are no longer prescribing opioid medications.

I/we believe there is a problem with how some doctors prescribe opioid medications. There is also a problem with heroin. However, these problems should not interfere with the patients that use and require opioids to be able to live a normal life.

Meet the GUILTY

Here you can see the TEAM responsible for the chaos and the suffering of so many patients across the Nation. They are very busy people, which is probably why they are not answering the calls and letters from all of the concerned citizens. Don't stop though, let's UNITE so they are forced to listen to us in numbers. That means they may have to stop work for a moment on their "Epidemic" cause and from helping those true drug abusers and addicts who refuse to help themselves! Just maybe they'll have to put down the calculator, we all know it is a daunting task... figuring out all the profits from the rehab centers and the procedures they have planned for us. Then they profit again after pushing the antidepressants and detoxing everyone again. These are the lawmakers and agencies that have created this chaos. I truly hope you will UNITE with us, I'd much rather see you out here than at one of the new centers when they force admission on us!  Oh wait, that's right the funding and accommodations are for those using drugs out on the streets, not for legitimate prescription pain patients that they force into cold turkey withdrawal!




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